2019-2020 Season

Private Lesson fees/requirements:
     * 30 minute instruction once a week (see fees below, $30 per class)
     * Enrollment for the year is required for a September registration, and for a January registration (upon availability) enrollment is til end of June 
      (we need one month's notice in writing if you are for any reason discontinuing, this will allow us to fill your spot) 
     * Purchasing of music books (materials to be determined on an an individual basis)
     * All three post dated term cheques are to be submitted on the first day of music lessons.  (Pymt made out to Andrea Ritcey)

We will happily credit you for future lessons if for whatever reason you need to discontinue your lessons :)


35 lessons
per year


36 lessons
per year

36 lessons
per year

36 lessons
per year
dates for 
post dated cheques
Sept 9 ($350)
Dec 16 ($350)
April 6 ($350)
Sept  10 ($360)
Dec 3 ($360)
March 24 ($360)
Sept 11 ($360)
Dec 4 ($360)
March 25  ($360)
Sept 12 ($360)
Dec 5 ($360)
April 2 ($360)

Group Lesson fees: 225$ (Guitar Ladies, or Music for 4 year Olds)
   *$200 per term (12 weeks, works out to under $17 a week per class)
    * Materials Fee: 25$ for songs and curriculum materials
    * 45 minute instruction once a week
    * Enrollment is by terms, return terms are optional and recommended, but not mandatory

Semi-private Lessons:
     * Sign up with a friend and enjoy lessons at a 25% discounted price from private