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Fun for 4 Year Olds!

Do you have an almost 4 year old who seems to love music? Or have you wanted to expose your child to music but thought private lessons were for older students? Here's a great opportunity to spend some quality time interacting with your child in a small group setting. Class sizes feature singing, dancing, music theory, music games, music rhythms, note patterns, and music making on bells, xylophones and rhythm sticks. A great chance for parents or grand parents to enjoy some special time enhancing their child's day with some very fun, creative, musical exposure, better preparing them for future experiences in music. 


This 12 week course is offered as a term and can continue with 2 other terms if you choose to continue! Come with a friend! Call today!  Guaranteed fun, guaranteed success.


$ 200.00 for 12 weeks

Bring a binder and a pencil.