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Private Lessons

A Private Lesson is a 30 minute class once a week. 
This class is recommended for any individual from childhood to adulthood wanting to learn an instrument or voice or for those returning to the world of music-making after either taking a hiatus,  switching teachers or  just picking up where they left off.  

Due to the nature of the programming and the time spot available being solely for one individual, this type of lesson is set up for a year long commitment with payment set up in 2 terms in the year.  We also feature a performance opportunity of 2 recitals a year held at The Peggy Corkum Music Room in Halifax on the gorgeous grand piano. Currently there are only a few spaces left for Piano, Voice Instruction or an Instrument. 

Refer to our Schedule on the left hand side bar to find "open" spots you can choose from or
Call Andrea  (237-1557) or email drea@middlecproductions.ca for available time slots. 

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