Method Books Used

Lessons for  "4 Year Olds" and  Lessons for "Guitar Ladies" receive a work book designed by your teacher. 
Instrumentalists playing band instruments use the Standard of Excellence series. 
Vocalists follow a personalized curriculum designed on an individualized basis
Piano students can see below for syllabus. 

Here is a collection of series we use at Middle C Productions in the piano studio:
(We use one or two books from each category)

    Technical Books
            A Dozen a Day
            Schmitt (Healy Willan) 
            Hanon Finger Exercises
    Repertoire Series: (one of any of the following)
            Piano Adventures Series by Faber and Faber 
            Music for Little Mozarts (Alfred's series) 
            Progressive Piano (Andrew Scott and Gary Turner) 
            Alfred's Basic Piano (Palmer, Manus and Lethco)
            Alfred's Basic Adult Piano Course

            Elementary Music Theory (Sarnecki)